Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Volunteer in your community

We got started in community service because Brianna needed to do it for the pageant system she was competing in. We discovered that we like helping others out. It's a great way to teach the kids that there are others less fortunate than they are. Places to volunteer differ by community but everyone usually has an animal shelter or food bank they can help out at. So far I haven't found anywhere that wouldn't let the kids help too. We have volunteered at the food bank, animal shelters, and homeless shelters. We have collected and donated books, clothing, and food. Their all time favorite place to volunteer is the cat shelter. They love petting all the cats. It's not all fun and games, though! They have to scoop litter boxes, clean cages, wash food and water bowls, and change the sheets on the beds. Yes the cats have little toddler beds to sleep on!

That's a lot of cats!

We did eventually end up adopting a cat from the shelter!

Another place they like to volunteer is the local outreach center. The center serves breakfast and lunch to homeless and low income people almost everyday of the week. It was an eye opening experience for them. They know there are homeless people of course, but to actually see it up close made it real. All the people eating were so nice, too. They all had a smile and a thank you for the kids! The kids said they like helping out, and it's an awesome way to spend time together!