Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Playing board games

What kids want most from us is time. It doesn't always have to involve an elaborate craft or going somewhere. It can be as simple as a few minutes alone playing a board game. My kids bring me games all the time that they want to play. Usually the request is followed by "can it be just me and you?" They want my undivided attention without the others around. Sometimes I will say yes, sometimes I say no, we need to include your brother/sister. The other day while Brianna was practicing piano Junior and I got the chance to play a couple games by ourselves. (Billy doesn't play with us. Teenagers are too cool to play game boards with their family!) We played a couple games of checkers, and a couple games of Sorry. We have this really, really old Sorry game. I played it when I was a kid. Either my mom or dad had it when they were a kid. 

It's battered and bruised, but most of the pieces are there. I got the kids a newer one once, but they didn't like it. They wanted to play with the old one, so we gave away the new one. This particular one was made in 1964. It's older than I am! I love thinking that my parents played this game, and now my kids are playing this game, and one day maybe my grandkids will play it!