Sunday, October 4, 2015

Making Cookies

Making cookies combines 2 things kids love: making a mess and eating! We love to pull out the icing and candy and decorate! Usually we have a homemade recipe we use, but this time we had some mix on hand that we had gotten on sale, so we decided to use it.

After mixing it all up they rolled it out and cut out shapes. This is the messy part they really like!

These cookies didn't take long at all to bake, they were done in 5 minutes! We had a cross, heart, seahorse, flower, an inchworm, and 2 big circles.

After they cooled they used icing and sprinkles to decorate them. Brianna got more into this than Junior. He just wanted to eat his! He ate most of his before I got a picture but I did get a picture of these he did:

And him decorating:

Brianna's cookies:

This was a fun activity using ingredients we already had on hand. They loved making them, and we all got to eat them!