Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Days of Fun with your kids!

I have decided to try a new challenge- The 31 Day Challenge! You pick a topic and write a post every day in Oct about that topic. What topic do I know best? Kids! I love going places and doing things with my kids, so my topic is 31 Days of Fun With Your Kids! 

Of course, I am already behind. With homeschooling 3 kids, pageants, music lessons, field trips, co-op, and all the other things we do it seems we are always late or behind on something! Princess was in a state pageant last weekend (she won 5 titles!) and this weekend she was crowning at another state pageant so I haven't had time to sit down and figure out the technical stuff until now. But now I have started and will hopefully catch up!

So follow along during the month and let's see how many I actually get to post! I will add the links to each post here!

Day 1: Making cookies!
Day 2: Fort making!
Day 3: Board Games
Day 4: Painting Suncatchers
Day 5: Volunteer in your community
Day 6: Camping
Day 7: Run a 5k!