Friday, November 6, 2015

Camping at Stone Mountain in the new yurts!

We wanted to go to Stone Mountain for the Indian Festival, and I decided that we would try out the new yurts and camp for a couple nights! We really enjoyed them! Each yurt has a set of bunk beds and a queen size bed. There is a fire pit and charcoal grill out front with a picnic table, and a deck on the back with another picnic table and a view of the lake. 


view from the back deck

view in the early morning

In the mornings there were geese right underneath our deck that we fed.

The first night there we made foil packet dinners on the fire pit. We ate them on the deck overlooking the water. The view is gorgeous. 

The only thing that I didn't like was the yard around it was not very big. As you can see from this picture of our friendly visitor, the picnic table in front is only a few steps from the road. And the fire pit is on a cement pad next to the grill, so it's really awkward to try and sit around the fire. You can really only fit 3 or 4 chairs around it. I didnt get a picture of it but you can see the grill next to the kids in the pic below.

In all we enjoyed staying there. We really wanted to camp, but it was too cold to tent camp so the heated yurt was great!
Of course you can't go to Stone Mountain without climbing the mountain! We did it early in the morning before it got hot. Even though the evenings were cold it was still plenty hot during the day!

We did all the regular attractions too. Brianna was very proud of herself that she made it up the 4 story high rock wall this time!

Junior was concentrating on improving how fast he could get up the smaller one. He could make it all the way up in about 30 seconds.

We love Stone Mountain, and we had a great time camping! We cant wait to go back and do it again!