Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Six Flags Over GA Boomtown: more thrills for kids!

My family and I were invited to Six Flags Over GA for the grand opening of the new kids section Bugs Bunny Boomtown. This new area has been re-themed and features 7 new attractions. The colors are bright and bold, and the area is designed so that parents can be close to their kids and interact with them. The railings where parents watch from are close to the rides so that you can get great pictures and feel that you are right there with your kids. The new attractions are:

  • Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters: Get ready for a wild and crazy family water battle where everyone is a winner! You will get to spin around, squirt your friends and laugh all day on this crazy twisting water ride.
  • Speedy Gonzales Speed Boats: Everyone’s favorite speedy mouse is on the loose and has gotten himself some speed boats that are as fast as he is. You will be screaming "Andale Andale" on these wacky bouncing boats all day long!
  • Bugs Bunny High Seas Adventure: Have you ever wanted to fly through the air on a junior sea-worthy quest with your favorite looney rabbit? Bugs Bunny is hiring a crew for a high seas adventure you won't soon forget!
  • Yosemite Sam Wacky Wagons: It's the rootinest, tootinest wildest kids ride in the wilderness! Step onto an old western spin on a junior Ferris wheel perfect for junior cowpokes.
  • Looney Tunes Adventure Camp: Bugs Bunny and the gang love to come to this spot so they can unwind and just be looney kids again. Climb into an interactive playground with Bugs Bunny and all of his Looney Tunes pals!
  • Acme Trucking Company: That Wile E. Coyote will just never stop until he catches the Road Runner. His most recent plan is a monster truck driving voyage to stop the Road Runner in its tracks and he needs your help!
  • Tweety Twee House: All aboard to the most exclusive tree house around! Get ready for a 20-foot up and down journey into your favorite little yellow chirping birds nest

    Our view of the kids area from the Skybuckets

    I remember these being here when I was a kid. I think back then they were called the Flying Dutchman. They have been renamed Bugs Bunny High Sea Adventures.
    Bugs Bunny High Seas Adventure

    Daffy Bucket Blasters

    Though my kids are too big for most of the rides in the kids area, they did love meeting the characters! All the favorites were on hand for the grand opening. Bugs, Tweety, Daffy, Pepe, Yosemite Sam, Porky, and the Coyote. When we asked the Coyote where the Roadrunner was he rubbed his tummy and licked  his lips. Poor Roadrunner!

    They were small enough to try out the new playground which they loved. All the little kids we saw riding the new rides were laughing and looked like they were having a great time! The new area looks awesome and I know all the little kids are going to love it!

    After the grand opening we went and checked out the rest of the park. This was our first visit in several years, and they weren't big enough for most of the coasters last time. We rode the classics which were my favorite rides as a kid, the MindBender and the Cyclone. Love the double loops on the Mindbender, but it seemed a lot scary now than when I was a kid!

    We wanted to try out the new virtual reality ride but the line was too long. We hope to try it out on our next visit. It looks like a similar ride that we rode at Universal that we loved. You have to be 13 to wear the virtual headset, but younger kids can still ride without it. 

    We really enjoyed our visit. I was able to show the kids the rides that I had loved as a kid, as well as experience new ones with them. Six Flags is definitely a family friendly destination! Later this spring they will open DC Friends, another kids section with 5 new attractions.
    Six Flags is open on weekends through May 15 and daily for Spring Break the week of April 2-10. The daily summer schedule starts May 15. Right now they have deals going on with a season pass as low as $61.99, and you can also get a season dining pass to save money on food. For more information or to purchase a season pass visit https://www.sixflags.com/overgeorgia.

    We were guests of Six Flags on media day. All opinions and views are my own.