Sunday, September 27, 2015

Free Homeschooling Resources

I found a couple free homeschooling downloads I thought I would share!

Free printable life size children and adult skeletons! Great if you are learning about the body!

Free reverse engineering worksheets! For those kids who love to find out how things work!


Yellow Rock Farms in Macon, GA

Last week the kids and I took a field trip to a local alpaca farm, Yellow Rock Farms. It is located in Macon, GA, and owned by Paul and Linda Cardwell. The kids loved it!
Upon arriving they got to go in the field and pet all the alpacas. Some were skittish, but others were quite loving! Some even tried to eat our shirts!

After everyone arrived the group got together and Paul told the kids about the farm, and how many alpacas they have, etc. They have a baby just born last month!

Later on in the field we saw it nursing!

The kids learned all about what makes an alpaca a good show animal, and about the difference in each one's fur and what makes it good quality. They also got to touch different hides and furs they had on hand. This beauty has the best quality fur on the farm.

After learning all about the alpacas we went down to the garden area. Did you know loofahs grow on vines? We didn't! The green outer shell will dry out and turn brown, and then you peel it off and the loofah is inside! The kids got to cut some off the vines, and they also got to pick peppers and greenbeans!

Linda also gave them some huge dried out sunflowers, and they got to pull the seeds off to take home.
We took home peppers, beans, sunflower seeds, and loofah seeds. We are going to grow our own loofahs and sunflowers in the spring!

The kids had a wonderful time visiting. The farm also sells alpaca socks, which will keep your feet warm and dry, yarn from their alpacas (alpaca blankets are so soft!), and alpaca tea, which are little cloth bags full of alpaca poop. It makes a great fertilizer for your garden! If you are interested in visiting their farm or buying any of their products you can contact them on their fb page. 
The kids can't wait to go back and visit again!