Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Spending time in the outdoors is great for kids! Lots of fresh air and they get to run off a lot of energy. But it's a lot of work to go camping! You have to pack everything in the car, then you have to set it all up. Then in a couple days you have to pack it all back into the car and take it home. But the memories you make with your kids make it worth it! 
We recently went camping at a local state park. First thing we had to do was set up the campsite.

Then we had the rest of the weekend to have fun! We played cards.

We went on a hike and saw animal tracks and a snake! We also got the Junior Ranger booklets from the park office and completed them so they could get their Junior Ranger badges. Bonus points if you can make something educational!

Their favorite part was playing in the water and sliding down the rocks.

They helped me cook and clean. I can't get them to wash dishes at home but they fought over doing it here!

Look the oldest actually got in a picture!

They were pretty proud of this breakfast they cooked themselves.

And of course no camping trip is complete without roasting marshmallows! Billy found an alternative way to roast his!

While we were eating we had a furry visitor that they fed. Then when we came back from swimming something had chewed our basket! I don't like to point fingers, but I have a feeling it was a certain little rodent with a bushy tail!

They went fishing too!

They had a lot of fun. Although it was hot, it was nice to spend time together without tv or electronic devices. We can't wait to go again. Anyone know of any awesome camping spots in Georgia?