Friday, August 5, 2016

Fun with Word Ladders

We've recently found a workbook that the kids love! It's called Word Ladders, and it's a 10 minute a day skill builder.

We first encountered Word Ladders when I picked up a workbook for fifty cents at a curriculum sale. It was for grades 1-2, and they were in 5th, but I thought it would be a good review, and something I could give them to keep them busy when I had to work. The premise is simple: you start out with a word, and then you climb the ladder, adding or removing one or two letters at a time according to the clues.

To my surprise, the kids LOVED it! They did the first couple pages I gave them and begged for more. They finished the first book in a couple weeks, and asked for harder ones. I went online searching and was able to buy more off of Amazon for a good price. This time I got grades 4-6.
Whenever I'm busy and give them work to do on their own they always ask for Word Ladders. I don't know what I will do when they finish all the books and we don't have anymore! Each book has 100 lessons in it, and it helps with spelling, phonics, vocabulary, and more. I'm so glad I found schoolwork that they actually like to do!