Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Six Flags White Water debuts tallest slide

We were invited to Six Flags White Water for the opening of their newest slide, Wahoo Racers. At 60 feet tall, it is the tallest slide of its kind in the world! You slide head first on a foam mat through twisty tunnels, then at the end you shoot out into a lane where you can race up to 5 friends to the finish! You can reach speeds up to 40 feet per second. The trick is to pull up slightly on the front of your mat while you are going down so you are more aerodynamic. Pushing down on the front of the mat will slow you down. 

The tunnels are dark inside but at some points you can see the rainbow colors from the other slides shining through. The kids loved it! 

Wahoo Racer Facts

  • The tallest slide of its kind in the world 
  • A tower standing 60-feet and easily visible from Interstate 75 where the park is located
  • Speeds of up to 40 feet per seconds
  • Six aero-dynamic designed water toboggans for the ultimate competing thrill
  • Replaces the 100 Meter Splash
  • Combines a serpentine toboggan tube slide with a multi style racing lane epic finish
  • Adds six new slides to the Six Flags White Water world-class water slide lineup

Besides the Wahoo Racers we also got to enjoy the rest of the park. The kids LOVED the lazy river. One of the worst things about lazy rivers is that there are never enough tubes. But White Water has solved that problem with these new foam floats. They are like pool noodles, but flat and soft. They still have tubes, but we actually liked these better because they allow you to still be in the water and you don't stick to them like you do the tubes. There were plenty of them to go around. Junior made a bed out of some!

The river also has a little alcove with a waterfall that you can get under to cool off. It seemed to be a big hit with all the kids we saw!

They also have a large wave pool, and every Thursday in June and July they show a dive in movie on a giant 15x30 foot screen. Nothing better than relaxing by the pool and watching a movie, right!

The kids also really liked Lily Pad crossing. There's a long row of giant floating lily pads stretching from one side of the pool to the other. You have to cross them while keeping your balance and holding onto the rope net above you. It's a lot harder than it looks! Lily Pad crossing is located right next to the activity pool so you can relax in the pool while they play. I didn't have my phone on me to take pictures, and the ones I took on our GoPro didn't come out that great. 

White water also has a special play area for toddlers, a treehouse play area for older kids, and about a dozen more slides that the whole family can enjoy. If you want to maximize your ride time and cut down on your wait time you can buy the flash pass, which is like a skip the line pass. It only works on certain rides, and at $35 a person I couldn't afford it, but if you have the money it may be worth it. 
 We really enjoyed our visit and can't wait to go back!
Check out their website for more information on rides, hours, and ticket pricing.